Mentorprise 5-step asset methodology

Oct 03, 2023

If you're running a business, you know that your assets are critical to your success. One of the key-assets in each organization are the people. The Mentorprise 5-step asset methodology supports you in exactly that, so you can take your business to the next level, with the right talent at the right place. 

What is the Mentorprise 5-step asset methodology?

The Mentorprise 5-step asset methodology is thorough and proven search process for Direct Search and Executive Search. Our methodology is based upon 30 years of search experience. The 5 key elements are:

  1. Analyse
  2. Shape
  3. Search
  4. Evaluate
  5. Trust

Step 1: Analyse

We start alway by doing a 360° intake with our client. From newly gained insights, we do a requirement analysis. We estimate the positioning of the role in the company strategy. We capture the context of the position and integrate the corporate culture. These are the crucial ingredients for shaping the profile we will search for.

business assets

Step 2: Shape

When the profiling is on point, we setup the search. We form the team dedicated to our client and the search. The shaping also includes creating various target lists, market approach strategies, the do's and don'ts as agreed with our client and, finally, time scheduling and realistic goal settings. This way our client always knows what to expect and when. 

Step 3: Search

Once the search starts, it's an ever going task untill the listing of final candidates. Our Consultants identify and approach candidates directly in the market; We will have screening interviews and in-depth interviews. During the weeks of search, communication with our client is crucial.  Therefor we do a weekly reporting to our client and alert when challenges arise. We work together in partnership, so the best results can be achieved.

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Step 4: Evaluate

Potential final candidates go through a thorough assessment center, focussing on EQ, Social skills, leadership skills. We ensure a professional candidate journey in step 3, 4 and 5. In the end, talented candidates that do not get the job, need the remain positive when thinking about your brand! At the end of the search process, we present our final candidates to the client, with a thorough reporting and advice.

Step 5: Trust

A successful collaboration starts and ends with "trust". The end is not the contract signing, but a professional onboarding process of the first 3 to 6 months. Mentorprise ensures a professional and smooth transition from search procedure to hire. A hiring guarantee of 6 months is always included for our clients.

asset measurement


The Mentorprise 5-step asset methodology is a proven and qualitative way of handling a Direct Search or Executive Search from start to hire and onboarding. With an ever growing complexity and rising pace in each and every sector, we believe that our human to human approach is the only way.

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